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Improving the Lives of Veterans and Their Families

Montford Point Marine Association Chapter 10 in Jacksonville, NC is a place where veterans from any branch of the armed services and their families can turn for support, education, and guidance.

We provide access to tools, personnel, and community events that allow them to succeed and easily integrate into their communities. We offer new employment opportunities, support groups, job training, and other resources that promote camaraderie and friendship and help establish peace during times of transition.

Throughout the year, our association plans and hosts many activities that create goodwill and the esprit de corps in both local and national settings. We believe that job assistance, scholarships, and continuing education for local citizenry and members of our armed forces are vital. These programs help improve the lives of veterans who served their country faithfully, the lives of their families, and society as a whole.

Our association is one of 43 chapters around the country. We seek to help everyone, especially veterans, free themselves from poverty, adversity, addiction, and the crippling effects of poor morale and low self-esteem. Through the help of our association and our Chapter 10 Ladies Auxiliary, we help gain sponsorships for scholarships for youths entering college. When you support us you are supporting more than you think – you are helping building a better future for everyone.

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