The Point’s Dress Code & Rules

Facility Dress Code:

  • No sports, recreation or athletic attire (i.e. workout wear, sleepwear, hoodies, sweatpants or sweatshirt).
  • Patrons are not allowed to wear tank tops.
  • Patrons are not allowed to enter with see-thru or revealing attire.
  • No derogatory attire
  • Yes to fitted, fashionable attire
  • No oversized long t-shirts hanging below the crotch (i.e. no plain white t-shirts)
  • No Gang paraphernalia (i.e. bandanas, locks, flashlights, flashing of finger signs, etc.)
  • No pants below the waist (Saggin’)
  • No Du-rags, skull caps, hats worn backwards, sideways of any kind inside the building

Facility rules:

We reserve the right to refuse entrance. The following are not allowed and not limited to:

  • Patrons must be 25 years old and above to enter
  • No weapons, firearms, stun guns or pepper spray.
  • All bags will be inspected.
  • No fighting, loud swearing, nor overly aggressive behavior.
  • No harassment of the Security Personnel, Cashiers, DJ’s and Bartenders.
  • No beverages of any kind are permitted on the dance floor.
  • No alcoholic beverages outside in the parking lot.
  • No standing or leaning on the speakers, tables, chairs and bar.
  • No feet on the walls.

No smoking inside the building of any type.

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