Queen Contest

The purpose of the NATIONAL MONTFORD POINT MARINE QUEEN CONTEST is to raise funds to carry out programs held throughout the year. These programs are designed to boost morale of service members, provide assistance to veterans and scholarships to communities. 

The Montford Point Marine Queen’s Contestent will reign for one (1) year and participates in Chapter functions, make personal appearances on behalf of the National body or the local host Chapter at civic, social, veterans, military affairs as required.

Current National Queen: 2021 – 2022

Lovietta Batts-Herring is the granddaughter of an Original Montford Point Marine, the late Master Sergeant Adner Batts.

Past National Queens from Chapter #10:

YearLast NameFirst NameCityStateChapter
1970-1971WilsonLoisCamp LejeuneNC#10
1971-1972WeaverMabelCamp LejeuneNC#10
2000-2001CarrollJoneitaCamp LejeuneNC#10
2003-2004CarrollJoneitaCamp LejeuneNC#10
2007-2008CarrollJoneitaCamp LejeuneNC#10
2008-2009CliftonLynetteCamp LejeuneNC#10
2009-2010CliftonLynetteCamp LejeuneNC#10
2015-2016JamesJudyCamp LejeuneNC#10
2016-2017JamesJudyCamp LejeuneNC#10
2018-2019Batts-HerringLoviettaCamp LejeuneNC#10
2019-2020Batts-HerringLoviettaCamp LejeuneNC#10
2021-2022Batts-HerringLoviettaCamp LejeuneNC#10

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